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If you are trying to find a psychologist or therapist, please consider that the advantage of being treated by a psychiatrist such as Dr. Covert, who has medical training, as opposed to anyone else in the mental health field. The difference is that underlying medical causes of psychiatric disorders can be recognized, investigated and corrected. Dr. Covert delivers both emergency and long-term, direct, one-on-one adult and adolescent psychiatric care. He will not delegate your treatment to a lesser qualified professional!

Welcome to the Psychiatric Practice of Charles B. Covert, M.D. in Houston, TX

Dr. Covert is a Baylor College of Medicine trained native Texan who has a general private psychiatric practice in southwest Houston. He provides individual and group psychotherapy, marital counseling and drug and alcohol abuse counseling. He also does evaluations in PTSD, closed head injuries, chronic pain and other personal injury cases including Texas, Federal and out-of-state workers' compensation, child custody matters, child and adult ADHD and learning disorders. Learn More »

Our goal is to provide our patients with appointments within 24 hours for individualized psychiatric treatment with Dr. Covert. We offer a full range of testing, which may be necessary, in house. This allows us to offer our psychiatry patients intensive treatment on an outpatient basis, many times keeping them from hospitalization.

"Our mission is to deliver the highest quality psychiatric care - professionally, timely and courteously."

We sincerely appreciate your selecting Dr. Covert to handle your psychiatric care. We are confident you will find our staff enthusiastic and responsive to your psychiatry needs. We care about you!

"It is in your best interests to seek treatment from a psychiatrist such as Dr. Covert who is available, affable, able and willing to communicate."

Don't feel alone if you or a member of your family (adult or adolescent) is experiencing emotional problems. At any given time, over 20% of the population is in need of treatment for psychiatric conditions or failure in their school, career, personal or family relationships.